The “One-Minute Articulation” mobile app gets more responses from a child in a
minute then they usually give in an entire speech therapy session!

Speech Language Pathologists recommend this app because it is PERFECT for home practice!

Parents LOVE this APP because it is FAST & EFFECTIVE!

Listen to what people are saying:

“My son enjoyed reviewing his sounds on the mobile app so much that he would even
ask to do them! We used the “One-Minute Articulation” mobile app anywhere from 1-5
times a day. The”One-Minute Articulation” mobile app is extremely parent friendly and
very easy to use! The more we used it, the faster my son’s speech, vocabulary and 
clarity grew”
Michelle, California

  • 21 sounds
  • 216 rounds
  • Word, phrase and sentence levels
  • PRACTICE and TEST modes
  • Easy data acquisition
  • Targets speed and accuracy
  • Simple ands easy to use
  • Unlimited client profiles available
  • Up to 6 family members can use this app
    • 6 members with Apple Family Sharing
    • 5 members with Google Play Family

One-Minute Articulation APP now available at your favorite APP store!
"High-Frequency, Short Duration"

A child needs as many repetitions as possible to establish correct and consistent production of sounds.

The focus of the “One-Minute Articulation” mobile app is to maximize a child’s time by providing short intensive drill sessions that elicit as many responses as possible, also known
as a “High-Frequency, Short Duration” therapy technique

Get more information on High-Frequency, Short Duration here!

One-Minute Articulation
Tracking Sheet Instructions

1. Fill out a tracking sheet for each child with their name and the start date.
2. Find the mis-articulated or omitted sound on the tracking sheet. Mark the WORD level only by placing a checkmark in the small box next to the position (initial, medial, final).
3. Continue marking the tracking sheet at the WORD level for ALL of the sounds the child is mis-articulating or omitting.
4. After the tracking sheet has been filled out for ALL sounds at the WORD level, choose a sound and a position (initial, medial, final) and begin working with the One-Minute Articulation APP at the WORD level.
5. As the child progresses and passes the WORD level in the initial, medial or final position write the DATE MASTERED in the appropriate box and move the child to the PHRASE level by placing a checkmark in the proper box. This assures that you will be able to easily track which sound, position and level a child is working on.
6. Continue this same process moving the child from the PHRASE level to the SENTENCE level on each mis-articulated and omitted sound as each new level is mastered.
7. It is recommended a child work on MULTIPLE SOUNDS in different positions and at different levels at the same time. This process helps a child to maximize their effort and master sounds at a fast, constant rate.

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