It’s About Time!

We all have the same problem. We do not have enough time.

We want to help our child speak better. We want to create effective speech therapy plans. We want to teach letters and sounds in a meaningful way but difficult schedules limit our ability to plan and prepare for these things.

It can feel overwhelming.

Monica Lange, Founder and CEO of “The Speech Solution”, experienced these same feelings firsthand. When she became the director of a communication-centered instructional program in California, she was the busy mother of six active children. How was she ever going to find enough time to plan and oversee quality therapy programs? She knew she was not alone in her feelings. Every speech-language pathologist, teacher, and parent feel the same way. It was a real problem. She knew she had to find a solution.

And she did!

Monica came up with an inspired idea! She developed the “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards which allowed a speech-language pathologist, teacher, or parent to help children work on ALL common sounds in ONE activity! She also developed the "Language-Centered Training" cards which help children practice 5-10 language concepts in ONE activity!  This meant only ONE prep and set up a day!

That took care of the time issue, but it did even more!

The “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards ensured that each child produced as many repetitions as possible to establish correct and consistent production of their target sounds in well thought out phrases and sentences.

The Language-Centered Training cards offered multiple opportunities for a child to rehearse correct language patterns in a natural setting.

Articulation practice and Language Skills were maximized by using “High-Frequency, Short-Duration” therapy techniques within an activity. As this complete therapy program was implemented, children’s speech and language skills began to soar!

Now you can…

Free up your time,
And make the most of a child’s time,
by using our complete therapy program with quality illustrations and the innovative
“Articulation and Language Cards”
See fast, dramatic results in no time!

When a child uses our companion “One-Minute Articulation” app they will practice their target sound up to 60 times in one minute! Now that is how to
make every minute count!

Several years ago, Monica was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at a conference. Monica spoke about the “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards and how each of the custom activities she had created for children with speech and language delays worked on 11 different sounds. She brought the “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards and custom activities with her and put them on display.

The room was filled with various vendors selling manufactured products, kits and games. The attendees showed very little interest in these kits, instead they spent the bulk of their time reviewing the “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards and playing with all of the custom activities, laughing and enjoying them as much as any child would.

A stern looking woman dressed in business attire walked back and forth inspecting the “High Frequency Speech Activity” cards and custom activities never showing any positive emotion. It seemed as if she was outraged at the presence of these custom activities. After some time, she approached Monica and said, “Who brought these activities to this conference?” Monica replied, “Do you mean all of the custom activities?” She then said, “Yes.” Monica answered,

“That would be me” and braced herself for a lashing. Suddenly a warm, heartfelt smile replaced the cold, hard demeanor the woman once had as she said:

“It’s about time someone made something effective and useful that kids would like to play with”

And we know you will agree!


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