Why don’t you offer the Speech Solution activities as downloads?
We want to ensure that each illustration you receive is top quality. Our illustrators carefully select vibrant colors that attract a child’s interest and attention. Many home printers will not produce the color or quality that we want our company to be known for. Many of our activity packets require 11 x 17 paper which cannot be produced on a home printer. Our goal at The Speech Solution is to save you time so we prefer to mail you a completed activity packet instead of requiring you to make a trip to a printing shop to get it.

Wouldn’t I save money by downloading a Speech Solution activity and printing it myself?
The cost of an ink cartridge for a home printer can be expensive especially when printing the amount of illustrations we provide you in our activity packets. Many of our activity packets require 11 x 17 paper which would be an added fee at a printing shop so we offer you a completed packet because it is the most affordable option. Our activity packets save you time and money.

How can one activity work on 11 different sounds?
Each activity comes with a “High Frequency Speech Activity Card”. This speech card has 11 different sentences written out for a Speech Pathologist, parent or teacher to use with various children or the same child. Each of the 11 different sentences focus on a different target sound but each of the sentences corresponds with the same activity. So, one activity works on 11 different sounds!

How can every activity work with every child?
Every activity has a target sentence for 11 of the most common mis-articulated sounds AND every activity has outlined sentences to use for children who are non-verbal who sign the sentences which are outlined or use an assisted technology devise to say the sentences. These same sentences can be used with children who have limited language and are just beginning to speak and form phrases. So, every activity works with every child because each speech card focuses on articulation AND language skills.

Some of the activities are designed for a girl’s interests or specific for a boy. Do you really think a boy wants to put “Make- Up on Marcie” or open a “Pretty Purse”?
All of “The Speech Solution” activities have been tried and tested numerous times for over 20 years with each gender and with children ranging in ages from 2 years old to 13 years old. Every activity has been enjoyed by all! We have found that children like to play and boys really do enjoy looking inside a purse for a surprise and they have so much fun putting make-up on Marcie! The focus of each activity is mastering your target sound in challenging “High Frequency” sentences and this keeps boys and girls engaged and interested in each activity regardless of the activity theme. Participating in an interactive endeavor after completing your target sentence successfully is the real reward.

What is a “High-frequency, Short-duration” activity? How does a Speech Solution activity fit this model type?
A “High-frequency, Short-duration” activity is designed to elicit a high number of responses from a child in a short amount of time. A child needs as many repetitions as possible to establish correct and consistent production of sounds. This same concept applies to children learning to form sentences. They need as many opportunities to practice putting a phrase and sentence together as possible in order to increase their language skills. The Speech Solution follows this service delivery model by providing a Speech Pathologist, parent or teacher with a “High-frequency Speech Activity Card” which focuses on 11 different target sounds, giving a child a short intensive “drill” session by repeating words, phrases and sentences that apply to a fun, interactive, purposeful activity. The speech card also focuses on providing children with language delays to form as many responses as possible by having them repeat meaningful phrases and sentences before taking a turn in the activity.

Can a parent or teacher use a Speech Solution activity or are they designed for a Speech Pathologist only?
The Speech Solution activities maximize a Speech Pathologists therapy time with a child however, The Speech Solution activities are designed for a parent and teacher to use also as they supplement speech practice at home or in the classroom. Each activity supplies a parent or teacher with instructions, an outlined speech card and all of the visual aids needed to carry out a fun, but highly effective, speech activity within minutes. Many parents who do not have access to speech therapy have successfully used The Speech Solution activities to change their child’s speech patterns.

What do I have to do in order to have a Speech Solution activity ready for use?
When you get your packet simply laminate all of pictures and then cut them out. It is that simple! Occasionally, there are a few specific assembly instructions with a certain activity but it is minimal.

Do you have any Speech Solution holiday activities?
Yes! We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter activities. They will be ready to purchase one month prior to the designated holidays.

Where can I learn how to use a Speech Solution activity and a “High-Frequency, Speech Activity Card”?
Go to the Home page on our website and look for our videos. The videos will explain The Speech Solution program, teach you how to use a “High-frequency" speech activity card, and show you how to use the same activity for different speech and language goals and groups of children. You can also find the The Speech Solution on YoutubeYoutube, Instagramand Facebook. There are saveral instructional vidoes expalining The Speech Solution's unique and innovatiove techniques along with demonstrations sessions showing the program being used.

How often should I use a Speech Solution activity ?
The only way to change a child’s speech pattern is through consistent practice. We suggest that you use one Speech Solution activity a day in order to correct a speech and language delay. The activities are fun so children will look forward to practicing their sounds and learning to form sentences.

How many Speech Solution activities do I need each week to keep a child motivated and interested in practicing their speech sounds and language skills?
Usually 2-3 activities a week will keep a child interested in practicing his or her speech skills. If you are a Speech Pathologist use one activity for the different caseloads you have on Monday and Tuesday then a new activity for your Wednesday and Thursday caseloads. Review your favorite activity on Friday. If you are a parent, use one activity on Monday and a new one on Tuesday. Then repeat the same activities again on Wednesday and Thursday. Use Friday as a review day by pulling a previously purchased activity from your file and using it. The activities are fun and interactive so children rarely tire of doing them. If you are a teacher, use an activity that goes with the theme or topic you are focusing on for the week.

Can I use the Speech Solution activities with a child who has autism?
Absolutely! The Speech Solution activities are perfect for a child who has autism because they offer numerous opportunities to practice forming meaningful sentences which have purpose and real-life application. The large variety of activities build vocabulary, teach language skills, and offer opportunities to practice social skills in a fun, interactive setting.

Can I use the Speech Solution activities with a non-verbal child?
Yes! The Speech Solution activities have proven to be very successful when used with children who are non-verbal. A child can use sign-language for the outlined sentences on the speech card provided with each activity which gives the child communicative power and a greater desire to express themselves. If a child is using an assisted technology device to speak for them, it is easy to create a file on their device by taking pictures of the illustrations provided in the packet and using these pictures for their response as they participate in the activity that is set up for them. Their devices become a powerful tool as they use them with purpose to carry out an activity.

How soon will I receive my Speech Solution activity after I order it?
You will receive your Speech Solution activity packet 5-7 days after ordering it.

Will you be offering more Speech Solution activities?
Yes! We will continue to create new activities that are interesting and motivating to children. You can look forward to finding additional speech activities in the shopping cart on a regular basis. We know that new activities and learning experiences every week increases a child’s desire to keep practicing speech sounds and language skills so our goal at The Speech Solution is to provide you with a large variety of affordable activities to choose from.

What if I need an activity on a certain theme? Will you customize an activity for me?
We have a very creative team who will be happy to help you with your specific needs. Contact us with your request and we will do our best to create an activity that will please you. Any custom activity will be made available to everyone in our shopping cart.

Where can I get the “One-Minute Articulation” APP?
Our companion “One-Minute Articulation” APP is available at the Apple App Store and at Google Play for a very affordable cost. Our APP follows the same high-frequency, short-duration techniques as our Speech Solution activities by eliciting as many repetitions as possible, at the word, phrase and sentence level, in 1-minute. The short intensive articulation drills this APP provides maximizes a child’s time and positive results are seen within weeks!

Do you charge for Shipping? 
No shipping is free for all orders no matter how small or large!

Do you offer returns?
No, all sales are FINAL. 

Return Policy: All Sales are Final. Please contact us at support@thespeechsolution.com for questions or support.
Shipping & Fulfillment: Your product will ship within 3 business days of purchase. The Speech Solution, LLC is located in the USA.