Monica Lange - CEO & Founder Monica recieved her degree in Communicative Disorders in 1985 and began working with developmentally delayed children in Utah. Monica started creating her own "custom" activities to meet the many needs of the children on her caseload. The idea for "The Speech Solution" was born with the realization that she had very few minutes with each child to effect a meaningful change. She knew she needed to find a way to maximize every minute with them if she was going to get the results she was looking for. 
In 1996 when Monica took on the responsibility as a Director of Communication-centered instructional program in California, she recognized the universal challenges that every speech pathologist experiences such as limited prep time, large caseloads, grouping chidren with different goals and objectives and keeping children motivated, focused and interested in therapy. It was time to find a solution to all of these challenges so that therapists, teachers and parents could work together more successfully in helping children overcome their communicative disorders. This resulted in the development of the "High Frequency Speech Activity Cards" with the accompanying high quality visual aids and the "One-Minute Articulation" mobile app. The combinations of these two programs have become "The Speech Solution". 
Over the past 22 years, "The Speech Solution" has continuously been attuned, improved upon and tested. It has drastically reduced prep-time and substantially increased effectiveness. "The Speech Solution" is known for its innovative approach of teaching language and articulation skills which bring about dramatic changes in a very short period of time. 
Monica resides in California with her husband. She has a great love for children. She is the mother of six children and the grand-mother of fourteen. She enjoys boating and camping with her family and any other outdoor activitiy.  

Don Lange - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  Don received a BS in Mechanical engineering in 1986 and a MS in Mechanical engineering in 1993. He worked for more than 30 years at the Air Force Test Center (AFTC) where he flight-tested the most advanced aircraft int  he world. As a technical manager he helped develop and implement several programs to improve team skills, knowledge, and employee empowerment. Don was a flight test technical expert where one of his greatest accomplishments was working as the program manager for AFTC's flight test data aquisition and analysis software called Interactive Analysis and Display System (IADS). Don was entrusted with sole technical and programmatic responsibility for the multimillion-dollar IADS development from initial concept to full design. He provided the analysis capability, task prioritization, and user interface. IADS is now used internationally as the flight test standard. 
Don's skills and expertise managing personnel and programs make him a valuable member of the "The Speech Solution" team. 
Don loves the outdoors where his favorite pastimes are boating, hiking, mountain and road biking. Don has participated in several endurance bike races. He resides in California with his wife, Monica. 

Dawn Blackburn, Illustrator  Dawn has been drawing, coloring, and doodling since she was a child. Vibrant colors have always caught her attention and now as an illustrator, she plays with colors as a career. Dawn has created numerous backdrops and decorations for school activities and fundraisers. Drawing is an extension, as well as a tool, for her various hobbies such as quilting, beading, and paper crafts. Dawn's love of children inspires her to create illustrations that draw out a child's imagination and curiosity for the world around them.

Travis Hathcock - Illustrator  Art has always been a hobby of Travis’ from doodling in the margins of every notebook he ever used in school to painting miniatures for table top games. His love of art is possibly only rivaled by his love of computers so illustrating an APP was a perfect fit. Travis has been a stay at home Dad since 2010 and lives with his wife and two children in Orange County California.

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