The following 5 videos show how to use the same activity (Baby Birds) with different groups of children.
You can use the SAME activity with children who have DIFFERENT speech and language goals. 

Baby Birds Small Group, Different Sounds

Baby Birds Acitivity Individual Child 

Baby Birds Autism, Early Language Skills

Baby Birds with AAC

Baby Birds Activity Sign Language Non-Verbal

Visual Phonics

We highly recommend using Visual Phonics as a way to make phonemes visible to students. 
Use Visual Phonics with the One-minute Articulation App   as you teach and help students master their target sounds. 
 Use Visual Phonics as you help students articulate their target sounds with the High-frequency, speech activity cards. articulation

Visual Phonics provides the following:

√  Hand cues that represent phonemes
√  Easy and quick cues for students to learn and use
√  Compatibility with brain-based theories of learning
√  A multi-sensory and interactive experience

The hand cues provide visual and kinesthetic information that can be associated with the way a sound is produced verbally. 
For example, the /p/ sound is represented with a hand cue that simulates the "plosiveness" of /p./ - the air being 
released from the lips.

You can learn the different Visual Phonics symbols by watching the following videos.


Visual phonics Cues for Consonants

Visual Phonics Cues for Vowels


Check out our other videos by visiting the pages on the links below: 

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