Each activity in “The Speech Solution” is planned through a child’s eyes. Before any
activities were developed the question was asked
“What do children like to do?”

They like to make things. Our activities are centered on making things like snowmen, masks, and hamburgers
They like to explore. Included are activities where they can explore with flashlights, nets, and shovels
They like to play. Opportunities are provided for them to play in the sand, water, and leaves
They like animals. Many activities involve animals like milking a cow, helping a chicken lay an egg, and catching butterflies
They like to go places. Activities include going to a pet store, an ice cream store, or trick-or-treating



  • Basic Disability Guidance which outlines a sequence of goals to follow according to developmental ability

  • Vocabulary Expansion

  • Color-Coding Key to identify where to begin working on language skills and how to progress based on age or ability

  • Specific focus on 5-10 different language concepts per activity

  • Weekly study with 1-2 language activities outlined for each day of the week.

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