“The Speech Solution is an amazing resource! Every activity I have used is fun and colorful! These activities are great and I have used them in a variety of other activities too!”
Johanna Pulliam M.S CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Hemet Unified School District

“My students really like these activities and materials in “The Speech Solution” because the illustrations are colorful and interesting to them. The instructions are easy to follow and the speech card is a great resource and easily adaptable for students working on different target sounds. I really like that the same activity packet can be used with all of my students during the day, regardless of their ability level or speech-language goals. I recommend this program to anyone looking for time-saving activities with a variety of ideas.”
Wendy Meyer M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Eastside Union School District“

As a former educator and school board member, I have been exposed to numerous learning methods – some successful and some not.  I would qualify “The Speech Solution” as the most successful program I have ever encountered. I did not come across this through the school system but through the personal needs of my grandson, Wyatt.
Wyatt had lost most of his hearing as a toddler from “glue ear”. The result of his year or more of very little hearing was people not understanding his unintelligible verbiage and a very frustrated little child.  He had missed sounds, had delayed muscle coordination associated with the formation of speech in toddlers and needed speech therapy badly.
Following surgery and ear tubes, he attended one-on-one speech therapy. It helped - but it was NOTHING like “The Speech Solution”.  The activities in this program engaged all of Wyatt’s little body.  His underused lip, tongue and facial muscles were activated and strengthened so he could form the sounds he had missed. His brain was stimulated with pictures, sounds, hands-on activities, and all the educational enrichment he needed wrapped up in lots of fun. The results were shocking! He immediately began expressing in words all of the thoughts and emotions with his family. Sharing what had been trapped in silence for too long.
Prior to going with Wyatt to “The Speech Solution” I had been a huge skeptic, jaded by watching educational fads come and go, or by watching children with special needs put in programs that gave little or no results. I had assumed this was going to be one of those. I was wrong, very wrong.  I have never seen a program light up a child as this one – it went far beyond my expectations.
My grandson is no longer in need of speech therapy – he graduated the program and is currently doing quite successfully in a Transitional Kindergarten program until he’s old enough for Kindergarten.  He still has trouble pronouncing a few letters but those should come with maturity. If those sounds don’t come along as expected, he will return to “The Speech Solution” for more help.  The amazing fact is that Wyatt is now able to share all of his thoughts, emotions, silliness and all the questions that had been locked in his bright little mind.
This testimonial truly comes from the heart because “The Speech Solution” changed Wyatt’s life – and our family’s, too.
Kathleen Gair Levin, Retired Educator and “Nana”

“My 3 year old son would beg me to do a speech activity!
My son began using “The Speech Solution” activities at age 3. He was non-verbal at that point but in 3 short months he was talking and communicating! This program is designed by a mom for a mom. Short one to three-minute articulation and vocabulary practices, interactive games and creative activities foster an environment that leads to a child wanting to engage and grow. To be honest, in our family speech was sometimes a fight. But my son always loved “The Speech Solution” activities and he respected the practices. Once he began seeing results and realized that others could understand him, he would beg me to do a speech activity! We have been involved in other speech therapy programs and none of them get the quick results, keep a child engaged, provide structure and make it fun like the “The Speech Solution” program does. I cannot recommend this program more highly! The day we began using “The Speech Solution” was the day our family and our son’s life were changed. “The Speech Solution” empowered me and taught me how to teach my child to speak and provided me with all of the materials to use too! We have been amazed watching our son blossom through this whole process. We sought out the correct tools, grew as parents and individuals, and now our son speaks clearly all of the time and is much happier because of it! Here is your opportunity-you can do it too!
Amy Burkett, Tahoe City, California

 “The Speech Solution” is amazing! You will be shocked with how quickly your child becomes fluent.  My child was involved with the local school district program where we saw zero improvement for years. We got so frustrated so we went to Los Angeles to see a private therapist with a PHD and paid her $300 an hour with no results. Then we started “The Speech Solution” program and saw immediate results!
Don’t waste your time with other programs.  
I tried for MONTHS to get my daughter to pronounce certain sounds correctly but once we started using the “One Minute Articulation” program we saw improvement immediately! “The One-Minute Articulation” program, which is now a mobile app, is absolutely easy to use. It is a very well-organized program!
The biggest change I have seen in my daughter is definitely her ability to interact with her peers and develop socially.
I highly, highly recommend this program!
Teresa Foley Orlando, Florida
Mother of a daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Sensory Integration Disorder
Engineer, home-school mom, stay at home mom

I began witnessing the formation of “The Speech Solution” over 20 years ago. I watched as Monica created programs for kids that could not utter a sound! Within months, parents were complaining that their child would simply not stop talking! Over the years, Monica has created and fine-tuned a system that any teacher, parent or aide can use to support any child with speech and language delays- no matter their diagnosis. “The Speech Solution” program is simple, to the point and successful. I have been blessed to watch Monica develop these tools, perfect them, and witness their results. Your child will be fluent and articulate within months after participating in “The Speech Solution” program.
Wilma Sweeney
Early Childhood Special Education Specialist
Author: The Special Needs Reading List
Kern, Inyo, Mono County Early Start Coordinator (retired)
The Speech Solution” changed our lives!

At age 1 ½, I noticed that my daughter was not speaking and by age 2 the difference in her language and vocabulary became more apparent. She would get so frustrated trying to sound out the few words she had. I wanted to hear her little voice and not have to see her work so hard to try and speak. I had her tested and it was determined that she indeed had speech impairments, needed speech therapy and had some behaviors that fall on the Autism spectrum so I sought out a speech program. My daughter began using “The Speech Solution” program at age 2 ½ and she really enjoyed the activities. We would do the ‘One-Minute Articulation” program and not only did it not take too much time, but as my daughter gained more comfort and confidence with saying the words she would speak more often everywhere! I noticed a difference in my daughter’s speech right away but after a few months it was a ‘leaps and bounds’ difference! The results were long lasting and she was at age level in her communication skills before she began first grade.
My daughter is now in second grade and not only has no difficulties with speech, she is also quite advanced in reading. She is on the honor roll in her class. Without a doubt I can attribute much of this success to the effort that my daughter put into using “The Speech Solution”. I am, truly, so grateful for the gift of speech and communication that my daughter has attained. It is irreplaceable.
Thank you for your gift to my daughter and our family of “The Speech Solution”!
Aida Cairns, Psy. D.
Clinical Psychologist 

I was so scared that my son Michael was never going to be able to fully communicate with me. After starting with “The Speech Solution” I noticed results in the first month. My son didn’t have many words but soon he was speaking in sentences and he even sang “Happy Birthday” to me! It made me cry! With the Speech Solution, I saw changes in my son right away and he kept improving weekly. I say all the time that “The Speech Solution” program altered our life course!
Jenny Yeskey Midland, Texas

My son started “The Speech Solution” program at age 3. When he started the program, he spoke maybe 5 words and they were NOT clear. This caused him a lot of frustration and he would act out with bad behaviors. Within months, he gained more words, his speech was clearer, and the bad behaviors began to subside! We took what he was learning from the program and reinforced it at home. In one year we had a different child!  People would ask," What happened?", "What did you do differently?". My only response was to rave about this amazing speech program!
This program offers so many different activities that each session differs from the other which keeps a child VERY interested and motivated! The activities are challenging, but with the different games the kids think its playtime! The different sentences which are used for a variety of sounds had a huge impact on my son because not only was he learning how to articulate the word(s) he was also learning how to form sentences. The kiddos have so much fun, they don't realize they are in speech class! 
I never thought I'd see such an amazing turn around in my son in such a short amount of time! The outcome exceeded my expectations!  My son cried when I told him he no longer had to go to speech because he didn't want to stop going! 
This program is incredible! You will see AMAZING results!!
Michelle Megerdle Tehachapi, California

After only 3 months of using “
The Speech Solution”, outside family members have noticed improvement in my son Andrew’s speech. The “One-Minute Articulation” program, which is now a mobile app, has been a HUGE benefit.  It gives me direction as to how to help Andrew at home. It has helped him improve his articulation faster and it is so easy for me to work with him frequently at home. I now have full confidence in my ability to help my son Andrew successfully overcome his articulation problems and be able to speak clearly and correctly.
Megan Eisenzimmer Tehachapi, California

The Speech Solution was the greatest help for our son Carson. We started using The Speech Solution right after Carson turned two and we noticed immediate results! The speech that he was gaining was carrying over to everything we were doing throughout the day. Carson was not using any words when he started and within the first month he was putting at least two words together and he just continued to learn more every day! We feel like the program as a whole was exactly what he needed to catch up to his peers. Carson did the one-Minute Articulation program (which is being developed into an APP) every day and we actually used them with our other kids who did not have any speech delays and they loved them too! Building Carson’s vocabulary helped him to be able to start putting sentences together, recognize objects in his world and put words to objects, which gave him power to be able to ask or tell about an object. Carson was always excited and looked forward to doing a speech activity. The activities were fun and engaging. They taught him how to speak and how powerful words really are!
Melissa Waldram
Arroyo Grande, CA

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